Presentation Shield Project

I’ve been asked to make a shield as a presentation gift.

As a maker, (and, I suppose, as a teacher who has to break things down in order to teach them),  I’m always intrigued by the process of making as well as the finished piece, so I’ve put a gallery together of the different stages of designing, painting, staining and enamelling this piece.

Briefly, what you’re seeing is;

  1.  Initial design on paper
  2.  Sandblasted stage, red on clear flashed glass, before any painting. (Flashed glass is glass that has a thin layer of one coloured glass on top of the main body of other coloured glass (In this case red onto clear). This is applied whilst the glass is molten and can be removed via sand-blasting or etching etc to reveal the base colour and create different areas of colour on one piece of glass), 
  3.  Line detail painted on, then fired
  4.  Matting (shading) added and a stain which produces a lovely transparent yellow. Fired – on the lightbox and in natural light
  5.  Finally, a blue enamel which creates green where layered with yellow. There are two images showing the enamel turning from opaque(pre-firing)  to transparent(post firing). 

and finally….the finished shield, leaded with a red border…

Finished Shield