Wythall Window progress….Sandblasting resists


16th March 2014 116Whilst I carry on cutting glass for the Wythall Window, I’ve started applying some glue resists to some of the glass I’ve already cut to prepare to do some sandblasting.

The glue shows in the photos as white as it’s still wet and, when dry, I will sandblast the glass pieces to play with the surface finish and/or amount of colour in some of the pieces by removing a thin ‘flash’ of colour from the main body of glass….



                                                                                                                                                    16th March 2014 105

16th March 2014 106

 16th March 2014 109 16th March 2014 110

Window installation..Done!!

St Peter's Church, Peterston-super-ely, Nr Cardiff
St Peter’s Church, Peterston-super-ely, Nr Cardiff

A wonderfully sunny thursday saw the installation of two windows I recently completed  for this church in Peterston-super-ely. 

It has the distinction of being a rather lovely parish church featured in several episodes of  ‘Gavin and Stacey’ (There’s even a poster advertising a Gavin and Stacey bus tour in the porch!)  Of the two windows one, The Good Samaritan is all my work and the other, (I call it the ‘Foxglove Window’) was designed by Delyth Evans and made in my studio. Delyth and I had several collaborative sessions in the studio to ensure the process of making was true to Delyth’s vision for the window and she did a lot of the glass painting herself.  I collaborated with myself on the Good Samaritan window and had several conversations with myself whilst  making it, but most of the time I managed to ignore myself and just get on with it.

The talented Alun (Adams) and Colin (Telford) were on hand to fit the windows, aided by myself and Delyth Evans and our respective  partners, Carwyn (Phillips) and Dave (Llewellyn). Wondrous window fitting ensued,  ending up with both windows in and ready to be mortared in the following day, much to my delight.

 Well done and thanks to all,  and thanks to all the church members, donors and wardens alike who popped in throughout the day to offer encouragement and drinks!

Gallery 1:  Good Samaritan Window Installation

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Gallery 2: Foxglove Window Installation

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