Exhibition Panels

These pages hold a number of different images and thoughts about a variety of work that has one thing in common…. they are all fairly small in size and are panels or pieces of glass that I have made as experiments, exhibition pieces or bits of fun. I’ve organised them into group pages under the main page header and you can pick and choose!

This work exists either because I’ve been inspired by a commissioned window to create some smaller pieces based on similar themes or techniques, or they may be just the opposite- pieces to wrench me away from familiar subjects and ways of working. Either way, they tend to help me along and I enjoy doing them.

One type of work you might encounter here is what I end up calling, ‘Glass Painting Exercises’.  I love glass painting, I teach it and try to improve all the time. One of the ways I try to do that is to copy existing examples in order to understand materials and techniques and because practice is the only way to get better. Sometimes these ‘exercises’ turn into finished panels, sometimes they remain cherished little stepping stones on the way to slightly better understanding.  I like the stepping stones as much as the finished pieces.

‘Red Horse’ by Rachel Phillips
Painted Antique Glass,40cm x 40cm
Inspired by Da Vinci drawings

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