‘First Flowering’

Finished Print


First Flowering Print Detail (9/11)

Inspired by Jacobean Crewel, a style of embroidery developed in the 17th century that was influenced by exotic flora and fauna found on imported Indian chintzes, ‘First Flowering’ is a limited edition of 11 prints.  Each is hand-printed using high quality inks in eight distinct layers to create a series of individual prints. Each one is unique; signed, numbered and mounted . For those interested in purchasing one, please choose from the images below and scroll down for price and contact information.(Please click on any one to see a larger version of each print).You can also see images of the prints being made on my studio blog



Finished Prints


£125 Mounted (Full mounted size: 16 inches/407mm square)

£165 Framed (Solid Oak)

Please email me at  studio@rachelphillipsglass.com quoting the edition number you prefer and I will get back to you regarding payment and delivery details. I will endeavour to update this page quickly as prints are sold but in the event of your choice having already gone, I will email you to see if you would like another.


Oak frame option shown below:

FF 10 of 11. 2015 (3) FF 10 of 11. 2015 (4)


Note: Please bear in mind that these are hand-made pieces which each have unique colourways and finishes. I have endeavoured to show them clearly but cannot be held responsible for colour changes due to differences in screen settings. It is my utmost hope that you will be pleased with and enjoy any one of these prints and will chose with confidence!

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