2008 St Helen’s Catholic Church

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The window was based on the theme of Christ’s Resurrection.

  The light coming through the window was extremely strong and, at times, the congregation found the glare unbearable. I decided to make the window using techniques and materials that would help reduce the glare  such as sandblasting and opalescent glasses. The window itself is situated in the gallery on the litergical west wall above the main door, and can be viewed at close had from the gallery and from within the body of the church.  

Resurrection Window, St Helen’s Church, Barry 2008
The real joy of this window was the challenge of combining expressive, dynamic mark making whilst keeping the coherence of the overall design. These images give a sense of the richness of the window when seen up close and the overall design when seen from a distance.
This window would not have been possible were it not for the help of several people.
Project assistants:  Carwyn Phillips, Colin Telford, Marilyn Griffiths, Mac McHugh(Installation), Sonia Hawking, Carolyn Phillips and Alun Adams.

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