2014 St Mary’s Church, Birmingham

This project involved designing and making a stained glass window for the newly built St Mary’s church in Wythall,  Birmingham.

Fitting Day 2 227
Resurrection Garden

The church wanted the window to bring together the feeling of both traditional and contemporary in their new building,  jointly funded and used by both the church and school .  The close relationship between church and school developed after the congregation used the old school hall as their 27 year ‘temporary’ home following the closure of their original church building. The motifs of the Tree of Life, living water, Christ at the centre, education, reaching out to the community through service and celebration all play a part in the window which is titled  ‘Resurrection Garden’.

One of the highlights was the involvment of the congregation and many of the pupils in workshops to provide handprints which were translated into stencils and used in the window. The following images show the church building and window followed by ones showing various stages of making and fitting. More photos of the building in use can be found on the church’s website:  http://www.wythallchurch.net/?page_id=1376

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