2012 Royal Chapel, Conwy Castle

Gariswn o Flodau (Garrison of Flowers)


‘Gariswn o Flodau’ – The Royal Chapel,  Conwy Castle

This was a fantastic collaborative project with Linda Norris, a fellow glass artist and painter.  The three windows were successfully installed  in mid- March 2012.

Commissioned by Cadw, we designed and made the three windows to tell the story of the Welsh Princes and the castles of Edward I. These took the form of three ‘fragment’ windows containing references to historical stained glass, manuscripts, architecture and decoration alongside contemporary references to modern landscapes and lifestyles. The aim was to make a contemporary art work  for the castle that would interpret its story and history to the modern viewer.

The windows also contain three specially commissioned couplets written by Welsh writer, Damian Walford- Davies and are contained one in each of the windows.

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Conwy Castle Project


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