2015 Welsh Saints, St Benedict’s Church

These are four windows for St Benedict’s Church in Clydach near Swansea commissioned on the theme of four Welsh Saints:

St Non, Dewi Sant (St David), St Gwenffrewi (St Winifred) and St Telio

St Telio DetailI designed some windows for this church 10 years ago, the Windows of Compassion series, and it’s a privilage to be asked to make another contribution to the building.

Each window uses symbols of Saint: the planting and patronage of fruit trees by St Teilo and his riding of a stag to claim land; the plan of the Holy Well of St Gwenffrewi with symbols of her matyrdom, the stone arch of St Non’s Well in Pembrokeshire containing her Cross and the lightning that, legend has it, raged during the storm into which St David/Dewi Sant was born.Finally, St David’s window contains his classic symbol, the leek, as well as the mound that ‘arose’ to facilitate his preaching and a representation of St David’s Cathedral, site of extensive pilgrimmage.

Please click on any of the images below to see it in more detail.

4 thoughts on “2015 Welsh Saints, St Benedict’s Church”

  1. Clearly the church and it’s custodian’s see the true beauty and flow of energy and warmth you convey through your design and execution Rachel, another aspirational series of work. I consider myself truly blessed to be taught by you….thank you for sharing! ♡×♡

  2. They are really beautiful you are enormously talented. Look forward to seeing the latest window.

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