2004. Windows of Compassion, Swansea

Windows of Compassion
Windows of Compassion

A series of twelve windows designed and made for St Benedict’s Church , near Swansea.

Six of the windows contain scenes containing historical figures who demonstrated their faith through a life full of compassion.They range from St Francis of Assissi to Oscar Romero. These men worked variously for social justice, the underprivelaged, poor and the rights of the oppressed. Several died for their faith, sometimes in place of or in defence of others.

These six figurative windows are accompanied by another six each containing a sandblasted roundel containing a stylised crown of thorns and the word ‘Pax’ (Latin for Peace) and the top panels alternate between containing a heart with a flame at its centre and a stylised dove in a blue surround- both symbolising the active force of the Holy Spirit made real in acts of compassion.  All the windows are made with a combination of beautiful, streaky hand-made purple and yellow glass alongside tinted machine made textured glass.

Flaming Heart
Flaming Heart

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