A Sojourn on Skokholm…

Easter weekend was spent on Skokholm Island which brought a welcome couple of days rest from ongoing work on the Wythall window but was with the purpose of fitting a window!!!  It was the end of a very enjoyable collaboration with Linda Norris to design and make a window for Skokholm Island, newly re-designated as an official Bird Observatory.

We travelled over by boat on Good Friday and fitted the window the same morning with all going very well….it is a fine window for the ‘ty bach’- (the smallest room in the house)! which in this case is one of a few found housed in its own little outbuilding. A 7pm official opening saw the 8 residents of the island gamely go into the toilet together before the official unveiling which drew a collective ‘oooh’ and then much chatter, much to the enjoyment of Linda and myself who waiting outside and enjoying the slightly surreal moment – one of the more enjoyable art opening events I’ve been to, complete with a glass of bubbly supplied by Linda.

There’s more to be seen of the actual fitting and the window in place on the Skokholm Blog – and you’ll also see on the Wildlife Trust’s website more details about the Island . It’s truly a spectacular place for many reasons and well worth a visit and support. Highlights for me were seeing a ravens nest on the cliff edges and as always, the sound and sight of the Shearwaters coming into land in the dark and finding their burrows. Thanks to Rich and Gisele, the island’s wardens for being so positive about the project and welcoming us, and to all the guys we met this time.


Author: Rachel Phillips Glass

I am a stained glass artist living and working in the beautiful Preseli hills of West Wales. I've chosen glass as my creative medium for its unparallelled intensity of light and colour. I specialise in traditional glass painting and work mainly to commission in the creation of new work for churches, private and public buildings in the form of windows or some other architectural application. I also make smaller scale bespoke glass pieces using traditional stained glass techniques such as glass painting, staining and etching. Contact me via email at rphillipsglass@aol.com

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