Wythall Progress…

Thanks to a ‘mislaid’ , (code for ‘buried under other stuff’) camera cable, I’ve been a bit delayed putting these images up showing the next step of sandblasting the glass (this is one of 13 panels and the blasting goes on!!)  in readiness for the meaty stuff  –  painting!

Having painted on the glue resists, these images show the glass before, during and after sandblasting.  

Sandblasting is an industrial process which  involves the glass being etched by a high pressure air jet carrying abrasive powder. I’m doing it in a ventilated sandblasting cabinet and everything gets nicely dusty and dull as  you will see. This process eats away the surface of the glass to leave a frosted appearance and also can create varied colour/texture when used with flashed glass (glass with a thin layer of one colour laid over another whilst molten). This can be seen in the leaves and some of the other colours where the colour has been removed to show the clear glass beneath.

This stage for me is about preparing  the canvas of the glass for painting .Some of the images show the glass pieces held onto a clear backing sheet to see all the colours together (the black dots are plasticine, used to hold them on temporarily!) The thing to remember with all these ‘in progress’ images is that I am working towards a finished idea and this is one stage of many so what you see here is still a world away from the final thing although it does start to give an idea.. .

ps., I’ve not illustrated the glamorous part of the process washing off all the glue resists in the sink – you’ll just have to imagine that bit! 

Author: Rachel Phillips Glass

I am a stained glass artist living and working in the beautiful Preseli hills of West Wales. I've chosen glass as my creative medium for its unparallelled intensity of light and colour. I specialise in traditional glass painting and work mainly to commission in the creation of new work for churches, private and public buildings in the form of windows or some other architectural application. I also make smaller scale bespoke glass pieces using traditional stained glass techniques such as glass painting, staining and etching. Contact me via email at rphillipsglass@aol.com

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