Skokholm Island Window

Following our successful Conwy Castle collaboration, Linda Norris and I have embarked on a smaller but no less exciting project to make a window for Skokholm Island, an island off the Pembrokeshire coast in West Wales.  It’s a spectacular island that supports a huge diversity of flora and fauna and is perhaps best known for its birdlife. More information, photos and a daily blog from the island can be found on the Skokholm Island website.

Linda has a long standing relationship with Skokholm and Skomer Island,  wheras I am just discovering them. We spent a week on Skokholm last year seeing the island, gathering imagery and objects, sketching, making plaster casts and designing the bones of a window for the island. We are now working on the window back in the studio and will be returning to fit the finished piece by Easter 2014.

Some images from the original Island Visit in 2013………

skokholm 212 skokholm 238 skokholm 262skokholm 244 skokholm 312 skokholm 340 skokholm 432 skokholm 435 skokholm 522 skokholm 529skokholm 527

………and some images back in the studio, choosing glass and imagery for the window, painting pieces and firing them in the kiln.

Skok Cartoon etc (4) Skokholm Prog March 2014 Painting (1) Skok Cartoon etc (11)

…….and the panel in progress, stuck up with plasticine on a clear glass easel, ready to be leaded together after all the painting is finished.

Skokholm in progress

Author: Rachel Phillips Glass

I am a stained glass artist living and working in the beautiful Preseli hills of West Wales. I've chosen glass as my creative medium for its unparallelled intensity of light and colour. I specialise in traditional glass painting and work mainly to commission in the creation of new work for churches, private and public buildings in the form of windows or some other architectural application. I also make smaller scale bespoke glass pieces using traditional stained glass techniques such as glass painting, staining and etching. Contact me via email at

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