Ely visit- much glassiness!

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Just been to Ely- a great few days at a Cathedral I love for it’s rambunctious combination of Romanesque and Gothic architecture – blind arcading, colomns and windows. Bee-utiful stone, carving and rounded arches a-plenty. Yum. (I’m aware that stone is not edible but it sometimes elecits a delight in me that can only be expressed through either a gleeful rubbing of hands or non-sensical noises. Yum is appropriate in this instance. Sue me.)

I attended a couple of the autumn lecture series hosted by the Stained Glass Museum at Ely Cathedral.                                        Dr Nicola Gordon-Bowe, from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin spoke about the work of Irish stained glass artists Wilhemeena Geddes and Harry Clarke – a wonderful speaker and wonderful topics. I also went to look at some panels in the Museum’s collection for some of my own research – to sketch, record and try not to drool over. I was ably assisted and welcomed by Jasmine Allen, the curator who was nothing but accomodating – even though she was also fielding several groups of schoolchildren who appeared in war-time get ups, complete with gas masks! Lovely time.

If you’ve never heard of the Stained Glass Museum in Ely then have a look- a fabulous collection of panels ranging from Medieval to modern.  An amazing collection of panels, a library and fantastic setting within the cathedral, open 7 days a week. http://www.stainedglassmuseum.com/ 

Ely Stained Glass Museum. Image copyright ESGM
Ely Stained Glass Museum.
Image copyright ESGM
Jasmine Allen, Curator.  Ely Stained Glass Museum
Jasmine Allen, Curator.
Ely Stained Glass Museum

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