Good Samaritan Window

Good Samaritan Window
Good Samaritan Window

Another recent commission going on over the past few months has been a window based on the parable of the battered traveller and his unexpected helper. A very contemporary story it strikes me. . . so I wanted to reflect that in this window design – to be of it’s own time, not a re-hashing of a historicist style.

It’s one of Christ’s parables, a story illustrating a greater story…. meant to give illumination  in a very direct, everyday way. It’s not, to my mind, a story meant to be covered in cobwebs and stored in the corner covered in dust sheets but one that could just as well happen today, does happen today. Who’s my neighbour…who’s the person I’m asked to love and have compasssion for?  I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s hard to love people who I love sometimes, let  alone those who I would cross the street to avoid …. but that seems to be the story, challenge and idea offered here of God’s heart for overlooked battered hearts and minds and bodies. I don’t often write about the story behind designs but as I get older and crustier, it becomes clearer that we don’t have much time here so we might as well mean what we do, and this story, and the questions it poses are worth a ponder, and a window it seems!!

july photos 231

Above: Linda (Norris) helping me take photos of the finished panels in the studio.

It’s been great to further explore the combination of sandblasting, painting and enamel and stain work- to push myself to be freer in painting, to understand the light in the window and trust in the glass and choose well to begin with. I gave myself more time on the painting ….actually no, not that, more time to reflect on what’s been painted…that’s the crucial thing and I’ve been overlooking it……caught up in the doing and deadlines, (all very important), but  once it’s there, it’s there-  so to really consider it, to let it speak back to me and not just plough along regardless….that’s a joy.

The beginnings of a cut on the lightbox.
The beginnings of a window… cut on the lightbox.
Glue resists ready for sandblasting
Glue resists ready for sandblasting

Author: Rachel Phillips Glass

I am a stained glass artist living and working in the beautiful Preseli hills of West Wales. I've chosen glass as my creative medium for its unparallelled intensity of light and colour. I specialise in traditional glass painting and work mainly to commission in the creation of new work for churches, private and public buildings in the form of windows or some other architectural application. I also make smaller scale bespoke glass pieces using traditional stained glass techniques such as glass painting, staining and etching. Contact me via email at

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