Culture and Cornish Pasties

Bridget studying her chosen glass at the V+A
Bridget studying her chosen glass at the V+A

Ice Angel 2 Took some students to one of my favourite places to go in London yesterday – the Victoria and Albert Museum. I could camp there for a month and still leave feeling like I’d not seen enough.Ho Hum.

The students were looking at glass they will be trying to replicate for a project and it was great to look at it with them and try and squeeze as much juice out of the visit as possible, but I also ran around and saw some stunning asian textiles and a wonderfully engaging interactive light installation called ‘Ice Angel’ by Dominic Harris and Cinimod Studio that encouraged you to make your own ‘light angel’- much like a snow angel but with less snow down the neck. Myself and a couple of other people had great fun with it while I was there.

The cornish pasty was purchased at Paddington station to buffer the long train ride home to Wales. Yum.

Ice Angel 3Ice Angel 1

Author: Rachel Phillips Glass

I am a stained glass artist living and working in the beautiful Preseli hills of West Wales. I've chosen glass as my creative medium for its unparallelled intensity of light and colour. I specialise in traditional glass painting and work mainly to commission in the creation of new work for churches, private and public buildings in the form of windows or some other architectural application. I also make smaller scale bespoke glass pieces using traditional stained glass techniques such as glass painting, staining and etching. Contact me via email at

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