Culture and Cornish Pasties

Bridget studying her chosen glass at the V+A
Bridget studying her chosen glass at the V+A

Ice Angel 2 Took some students to one of my favourite places to go in London yesterday – the Victoria and Albert Museum. I could camp there for a month and still leave feeling like I’d not seen enough.Ho Hum.

The students were looking at glass they will be trying to replicate for a project and it was great to look at it with them and try and squeeze as much juice out of the visit as possible, but I also ran around and saw some stunning asian textiles and a wonderfully engaging interactive light installation called ‘Ice Angel’ by Dominic Harris and Cinimod Studio that encouraged you to make your own ‘light angel’- much like a snow angel but with less snow down the neck. Myself and a couple of other people had great fun with it while I was there.

The cornish pasty was purchased at Paddington station to buffer the long train ride home to Wales. Yum.

Ice Angel 3Ice Angel 1

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